Trojan Technicians

First Robotics Team 5161


Nathan Rachel

​Thomas Engelmann

Nate Smith​​

Holden Lance

Jacob Ridderbos

Jeremiah Bil


Seth Woltanski

​David Fletcher

Aiden Lancaster

Jarrod Patmore

AJ Bleier

Brennan Haner


Who Are we?

Kenny Bainbridge

Brody Bender

Jacob May

Cam Butler

Joel Butler

Jonathan Lagenour

​Jared Perez

Industrial Processing:

Alex Boulter

Ian Granzow

Trent Erickson

Ryan Robinson

Devin VanDerMeer

​​We are a team of hard working and creative students who love the world of engineering and robotics. Now entering into our sixth year of competing the Trojan Technicians are led by Mr. Colin Gallagher.  We are very excited to see what this season holds and the innovations it will bring.

Public Relations:

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Colin Gallagher