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  • ​​Today marks the last day of classtime in the 2018 season -- competition awaits! Keep an eye out for updates on our performance. In that light, I'd like to end with a bit of personal note. As a senior, this is my third and final year in robotics. while each year has been distinctly different than the others, it has been a fantastic part of my schooling. I hope the class remains available to students into the indefinate future as an opportunity to learn and grow in their professional and hands-on skills.  
    ​       Thanks,
                Jacob Markle
    ​            Head of Personal Relations, Plainwell Robotics

  • ​Thank you to Icon Sign for redesigning our logo and printing a fantastic banner to display at competitions. Thank you also to Circuit Board Services for their generous donations and touring our workshop! We look forward to updating you on the robot very soon. Check back for more! (3/1/18)
  • The 2017/2018 season is officially underway with the release of the new game: FIRST: POWER UP! Students have six weeks to build and program a robot to complete tasks in a video-game themed course. Working in alliances of three during every match, the top 8 schools will captain alliances in the playoffs. Watch the game video on the "About" page. (1/6/18)​
  • Thank you to Mr. Scott Rachel for visiting our class and helping to refine our public interaction skills! We'd also like to extend recognition to student Seth Woltanski and the programming group for outstanding performance. (11/8/17)
  • The preseason preparation is in full swing! Programming rehabilitated last year's robot and brought it back to an operational level. Industrial Processes has done a fantastic job cleaning the shop, and it is in spectacular shape. There are many other projects underway. Look for more updates soon! (10/10/17)
  • As the school year starts back up, so does the team's activity in preparation for the 2017/2018 competition season. We are looking forward to a great year and hope to make this our best season yet! (9/6/17)

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