• (2-7-19) Since our last update we have had 9 snowdays, slowing our progress a little. Since we've returned, however, we have kicked it into high gear.  PR has continued to work as hard as ever to secure sponsorships for our team.  IP has been constructing the sets for the games so we can practice before competition.  Design has been busy, they have completed the CAD for the robot and have been getting parts out for production.  Design has also finished the pit and pit cart designs and is moving onto bumpers.  Last but not least is Programming who have been working on their skills with programming the robot and honing their skills with the goal of more independence.
  • (12-7-18) We are currently in the middle of our drivers training segment to choose who will drive the robot at competition.  IP is in the midst of building our off season robot, we have approximately a quarter of the parts completed and are continuing to train our new members on the more complicated pieces of machinery.

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2018/2019 pROGRESS rEPORT:

  • (1-7-19) As of the fifth the build season has officially begun.  Design is currently working on designing the robot for the season.  IP will be continuing to work on our off-season robot until Design is done.  Programming will be familiarizing themselves further with the robot code in preparation. PR is still making progress with securing sponsorships.